Edward IV of England is played by Jess who still thinks he's Groovy even if Richard Plantagenet, his younger brother, doesn't quite think so.

He's a silly git anyway.

Groovy Eddy Edit


Eddy looks like James Dean... no he didn't in RL, but I don't care.

Although not really able to show it as much as he used to, being that he lost his immortality due to a silly infatuation with an elf that couldn't be had- Then of course he had her, only to find out she was a cheat, and humiliated her on their wedding day, but that's a really long story- he tried to get it back by having that same elf girl before he humiliated her on their wedding day, turn him in to a lady and have sex with Ramses II who for one reason or another was the new owners of Eddy's immortality. But Ramses tricked him into letting him keep the immortality.

Well you know that Eddy made a deal with the Devil, no he doesn't know which one, who gave him the ability to come back to life after being dead for like a couple hundred years, and live through the 60's, which he did like four or five times.

There was a time where he was trying to get back to his groove, and hang out with his little bro, but Richard was all like "Hey dude, you know, you're embarrassing me and my totally adorable but freakish younger girlfriend Pina" but Eddy was like "hey look a flower bed!"

Yea, it was totally like that.

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