An In-joke created by Sarah.

The Joke Edit

The in-joke came about when, in the old chat, Hallie accidentally misspelled the world "glomp" as "gloomop".

Sarah, in answering Renn's question as to what a gloomop was, replied, "They eat Renniflys."

Even if Maxim hated Rebecca, it was the gloomops that done her in.

The threat of being gotten by gloomops soon spread to other members of the 'verse, and "gloomop" eventually morphed into a fictional creature of some sort that is to be avoided at all costs, especially if you are a Rennifly.

Megan thought Gloomops looked like this. They don't.

Gloomops, according to Sarah, are small little manlike creatures whose forms are impossible to determine and can only be deterred from eating Renniflys (or attacking non- Renniflys) by the presence of a cat (what effect dogs have is unknown). Gloomops eat Renniflys, apparently, because they are both delicious and irresistible to them. Where gloomops come from, and their habits beyond this, has yet to be established. However, it is known that the gloomop's one weakness is a housecat.

In recent times, it is learned that gloomops can assume both human form and size, as was the case with the assassin Lucheni, as it was discovered that he was a gloomop and killed Sisi because she was one of the Renniflys.

"Aha!" Sarah was quoted as saying. "It all makes sense now!"

Except that it doesn't. Also, gloomops seem to be able to be attractive humans (a comment prompted by the fact that Lucheni seems to be a double of Carsten Lepper).

Carsten Lepper

Carsten Lepper.