Hallie is the youngest and tiniest of the suethors. She is fourteen years old and resides in Orange County, California. Yes, as in "The OC." Never call it that to Hallie's face. And before you ask, no, she doesn't live by the beach, no, the kids aren't that messed up, and, no, she's never seen a movie star. In Orange County, anyway. They're all up in LA. As a matter of fact, Hallie resides in a part of Orange County she likes to refer to as Hell. The people are like something off of Desperate Housewives, and in the fall the hills really do catch on fire. It sucks.

Hallie either dresses like a "cool art student" or a girl who has to get up at 5:15 AM to go to 0 period at her school. The majority of her teachers and peers think of her as a goody-goody, high-performing student. That was true a year ago. Now she's just a lazy dork.

Hallie would be glad to post a list of her characters, but she's sort of forgotten most of them. The ones she remembers/still plays/deems important enough to mention are:



Teddy Booth


Sweeney Todd (Up for adoption)

George W. Bush

Andrew Lloyd Webber (Deceased)



Fitzwilliam Booth