The Indeed Cats are a pair of terrifying little animals who stalk the Sueniverse.

Origins Edit

Though brought onto the Verse by Megan, the true origin of the Indeed Cats is a pair of drawings by the DeviantArt artist Tainteh, who summed her creations up as such:

They are two eeeevil cats (Gorey-ish, which is why I placed them under horror ehh...) that Jets and I created. They perch on things and look down at people, occasionally exclaiming things like "You don't say!" "How DO you do?" or, classically, "INDEED?" "INDEED!" in increasingly high pitched and mock-jovial tones. This is obviously the last example. Um.

The Indeed Cats by tainteh

The original "Indeed Cats" drawing, by Tainteh.

If the Indeed Cats do not scare I submit that there really is something wrong with you. The Indeed Cats scare ME, and I drew them O_________o errrr. The Indeed Cats are going to give me NIGHTMARES.

First Appearance Edit

The Indeed Cats arrived on the Sueniverse soon after Megan found the DeviantArt piece, along with this profile:

Full Name: The Indeed Cats

Fandom: POTO, original, other (specify)? A piece of art on DeviantArt

Fur: black

Eyes: glowing yellow

Teeth: Sharp!

Job: Being Indeed Cats

Personality: Scary as hell.

The profile went on to add: "They also like bothering greasy-haired Potions Masters. "

Bother Bother Bother Edit

After their initial and terrifying arrival, the Indeed Cats set about their new purpose: annoying Severus Snape. They first surfaced in La Patisserie:

Two cats were settled on the top shelves along the patisserie's decorative walls.

"Did you hear that, my fine fellow?" one of them asked the other. "That gent says he's all right!"

"Oh, but I daresay he doesn't look all right!"



The Meme Edit

Three things resulted from this:

  • Even Aziraphale will clearly never out-British these two,
  • Snape is now more paranoid than ever, and
  • A meme was born.

It soon came to pass that one person saying "Indeed!" in the chat room lead inevitably to someone else replying, "INDEED!"

The final proof, however, that the Indeed Cats had wormed their scary-as-fuck way into the Verse's collective consciousness, arrived when Kris translated the popular "Talking Cats" video thusly:

Do you know what they're saying?

Cat 1: Indeed.

Megan, with all the horror of a Victor Frankenstein seeing his creation unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, commented that she had no idea they had become so prominent, to which Kris replied "They're part of 'Verse Lore now."

God help us. GOD HELP US ALL.