American actor, pretty much universal lust object, and model for way too many male characters on the Verse.
Johnny depp

In Soviet Russia, Johnny Depp roleplays YOU.

As was summed up in a filk of "It Sucks To Be Me" from Avenue Q:


Yo, Johnny!


I'm coming, I'm coming!


Oh my god, it's Johnny Depp!


Yes I am!

I'm Johnny Depp

And I have got some news!

I'm getting pretty stressed out here

Playing all of the stues!

It's just weird

How I'm hit on by all of you sues

But I'm here! The mascot

Of the Sueniverse!

According to the opening page of The Sueniverse, "Johnny Depp appreciation" is a base-level requirement for joining.

He is, among others:

He is not, however, our Sweeney Todd. Megan's mom wants him to play Richard Plantagenet.

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