Lavinia is played by the suethor Sarrin and was her first character. She is from the William Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus, although she is largely inspired by the Julie Taymor film Titus, which does not happen to be everyone's cup of tea.

Appearance Edit

Lavinia is a pretty looking girl, about seventeen, perhaps, except for her lack of hands and tongue. She dresses as though it is still ancient Rome, although she has very little against modern clothing other than that you need fingers to put it on.

Her PB is actress Laura Fraser.

Playability Edit

Lavinia is difficult to play or to play with, being without means of communication, though this problem has been alleviated somewhat since Heike gave her telepathic powers. She also freaks most people out somewhat.

Acquaintances Edit


One day Megan told everyone that she wanted to find someone Blind Mag could fall in love with, and a Sarrin proposed a Lavinia. She very much looks forward to their introduction thread being finished (HINT, HINT).


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