Brides of Dracula Marianne-Danielle

Marianne Meinster, art by Belle Dee.

Marianne Rosa Carmen Meinster is an original character Sue and a vampire inspired by Marianne Danielle (Yvonne Monlaur) in The Brides of Dracula (1960). Her last name is also homage for Hammer pastiche Blood of the vampire (1958). She is played by her Suethor Christine

Appearance Edit

Marianne is a ravishing beauty with angelically red hair, purple eyes, brilliantly rich skin and Gorgeous Period Dresses, often red,  in Ruritanian tradition.  She always carries the locket which contains the picture of her beloved mother, Violeta.  


Marianne is Gothic Romantic who loves graveyards, castles, roses, rich colors - especially red - and 19th century Ruritanian interiors.  She loathes dirt and pollution, in literal and human form, taking her victims among the violators of her moral code.   

Life story Edit

Marianne was born during 19th century in the village of Basdstein, in Transylvania.  Her mother, good and pure peasant woman called Violeta, saw the tell-tale mark of vampirism - baby had  teeth - and before the peasants could stake or burn the baby, Violeta took her child and escaped to Klausenberg. She worked as a servant of Arthur and Mina Holmwood who never noticed that lovely little girl didn´t need toilet or bath.  Marianne grew up and stopped aging. She started to rob and kill deserving victims, so Violeta didn´t have to be a servant. She also turned her beloved mother a vampire (everyone bitten by Marianne becomes a vampire). This confused sweet and gentle Violeta even more than her daughter´s career as the robber and killer. 


Marianne Meinster (Yvonne Monlaur).

In SueverseEdit

Hanging out plotlessly, she had sucked some blood and written her diary. 

TV TropesEdit

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