Matthew Harris Jr. as portrayed by that cutie patootie James Marsden

Matthew is played by that no good so and so Jess.

He's also the older brother of Sarah's character Lucy Harris.


Matthew is a good man at heart and gives to charities as many times a year as possible, mostly save the animal ones. Those are his favorite. But in business, he's a ruthless ambitious man that does not allow anything to stand in his way. He's well aware of his success and although he doesn't right out say it, it's written all over his face. He's a terribly intelligent man with huge prospects for the future, which in his mind includes a wife and at least two children. He wants someone to take care of, to nurture, it's just in his nature.

As it were however, there's a side of Matthew that only his closest friends know. He can get quite silly, even as much as to dancing in the streets after an ale or two.


Matthew is the oldest child of four, and the only son, although his littlest sister disappeared when she was young. Something Matthew attributes to his parents sending her off to boarding school at such a young age, they never could tell if she ran away or was kidnapped, and it was something that Matthew hated. He loved his siblings with all of his heart, but he never got to know her.

Because of this he and his father, although they got along, always butted heads due to the fact that he believed that being the only son, Matthew had a duty to his family and his father to take over the family business. Although not an entirely unfeeling man, his father was terribly controlling and manipulative, and it causes Matthew to sometimes lash out at others when things don't go the way he planned them.

Ask his secretary.

His greatest fear is that one day, when he has children, he'll become his father.

Currently however, he's too busy to be afraid. After almost twenty years, he's finally got a lead on the baby sister he barely knew, she's in Paris.

Little Lucy, he was finally going to find Little Lucy.

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