Mercapulet was originally used to describe the pairing of Mercutio/Tybalt and now seems to refer to the whole plot that their pairing is a part of, including as it does Tybalt's future wife Meg Giry and Mercutio's sort-of fiancee Rosalind (as well as other characters that lot are involved with, such as Alex, Lady Capulet, and George Boleyn).

The StoryEdit

I'm sure too lazy to type it out here. :S

Let's Show You Some PicturesEdit

This is the only reason I made this page. I wanted to point out that Tybalt and Mercutio have adorably similar tastes. If you are really obsessive while image searching, anyway.

Compare this Rosalind to this Meg:

Bryce dallas howard top hat Jennifer ellison top hat

And then compare this Mercutio and this Rosalind and this Meg:

Mercutio 3

Bryce Dallas Howard - 06 - Lady in the Water


Or Some IconsEdit

Made by (?)Megan:


Made by Sarrin:

Or Some FanartEdit

By Megan:


By Sarrin:

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