Mr. Furley is adorned by his fans and played by his best friend and best buddy in the whole world Jess.

Character Edit


Mr. Furley Approves

Mr. Furley was created due to a conversation between Jess and Megan one night, oh so many nights before this was written. Where it was decided that Mr. Furley was the only man for the job when it came to the Sueniverse's apartment issue.

There were no land lords.

SO! Under the cover of night, in the quietest way possible, which included tearing a hole in space and destroying the Mona Lisa, Mr. Furley was transported to Paris, under the assumption, that any and all apartments in the city were under his management.

Due to this, he has in fact become (next to the government) become the wealthiest man in all of Paris. He wouldn't tell you though, that would make him blush.

Although he has so many clients, there is only one he cares for, one he longs for, and that is the red-headed, cookie-baking Magda Snape.

He'd like to take a slice outta that tamata.

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