Natalie was created for the sole purpose of her suethor Jess to relive her childhood, just for a short time.

Appearance Edit

Natalie is fifteen years old, five foot five inches tall, with long shiny black hair and blue eyes. She's never seen without her lucky pokeball head scarf, fingerless gloves and her shorts. It just doesn't happen, that's all she owns. She keeps two sets of pokemon on her belt, six on each side for different kinds of battles.

Character Edit

Natalie Avy1
Natalie is a typical fifteen year old, rambunctious, excitable and ready for anything the world throws at her. Only her world is a world where fifteen year olds set out on adventures to catch Pokemon. School is over for most of them, and it's time to work. In her mind, just like the rest of the kids her age, she is going to be the best, she's going to own a gym and catch all the pokemon in the world, and let them roam free on a reserve, she'll hire the best breeders and nutritionists and everything is going to be amazing! Only, her dream seems to have been stopped short, by a minor inconvenience.
Ponyta by kacza ino

She's no longer in her world.

Now with the help of her best friend a talking Ponyta, she's hoping to find a way to get back to her home. Although Natalie's confidence seems to be dwindling with each moment that they are away from their home. Her outgoing spirt, broken by the knowledge, that in this world, this Paris, there are no pokemon, and every time they go out, instead of people marveling at her best friend, they'll run in fear.

She's afraid, if they stay there too long, all that they've been through might be lost, and this Paris, in this France will change them forever.

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