Nini (Legs in the Air) is played by her Suethor Jess who has some kind of obsession with english people.

Appearance Edit


Nini Legs in the Air played by Caroline O'Connor in Moulin Rogue

She's tall, lanky with bright blue eyes and long black hair. Her eyes are usually covered in dark makeup, giving the impression that she hasn't slept in days, which may or may not be true.

Character Edit

Nini probably came from a broken home somewhere in England, I say probably, because no one really knows. Nini doesn't talk about her past, with anyone, because no one she associates with really cares.

And she knows it, and she'd have it no other way.

Now that Satine is dead, she's the main attraction at the Moulin Rogue and all the attention is more than amazing.

Some come on down and see her, she'll give you a sparkling diamond, all right.

No Longer a Dog Edit

Nini first appearance on the verse is one of violence and fear. Finally given a chance to be the star, and her first customer ends up being a serial rapist with severe violence issues. At first Nini goes along with it, thinking maybe if she at least pretends she's scared, he'll get over with it quickly.

But it wasn't enough for James.

Nini's eyes widened, she figured that the smooth talking man was hiding something beneath, and figured if she were to be hurt in anyway, she didn't want to be embarrassed, thus the tower.

Of course the girl had no idea what she was in for.

Trying to breathe as calmly as she could against the stone of the fireplace she gulped, his soft hands rough against her now exposed legs. 'If this is what you want boyo.'

Although she knows it's futile, even past the fade out, she still continues to fight him. Kicking and screaming with everything in her, even if he did like it.

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