Richard!Vampire is a Sueniverse in-joke that arrived along with Megan, Richard Plantagenet and a heavy dose of German musical fangirling.

History Edit

It actually predates the Verse as far as Megan is concerned- she was interested in Richard before her Tanz der Vampire fixation took hold, and she was amused to discover that one of Sue Blaine's costume designs for a chorus vampire in the musical actually was meant to represent Richard
TDV Kostuem 45 phixr-1-

Richard!Vampire, chillin' old-school with his homeboy Herbert von Krolock.

(except, you know, as a decaying vampire-thing.)

On the Verse Edit

This information first arrived when the Suethors were busy declaring what their characters would wear to Dracula's ball, Megan provided a picture of Richard!Vampire from the Stuttgart production of the show. There was a lot of amusement over the very existence of a Richard!Vampire, considering how much Sueniverse!Richard despises vampires as a species. Things got worse when Megan started digging up more images of the costume from the show, as well as the "modern" (read: black and leathery)
TDV SHOW 180106a phixr

The version from the finale

version from the finale.

It Really Is Funny. Trust Us. Edit

Richard!Vampire has been declared hilarious for the following reasons:

  • Michael Eckel's really ridiculous eyebrows while in character
  • The Sleeves of Doom
  • He has hair down to his effing waist and apparently no lips
  • The fact that Richard!Vampire is a dancing fool

The joke eventually expanded to a lot of "What if Richard!Vampire was our!Richard?", including speculation that he would fall over in the middle of the finale and/or kill one of the other vampires

Annabelle-Clara, tragic victim of the Sleeves of Doom.

(probably the little blonde with pigtails, nicknamed Annabelle-Clara by Megan) with the giant flailing Sleeves of Doom, theninsisting on stopping the whole show to apologize and call a paramedic.