This thread, started by Nadir and Bonnie-Marie, showcases various filks- that is, songs updated with lyrics mocking Mary Sues or related to various plots on the verse.

The First Filk Edit

"Mary Sue Songs for Mary Sue Girls", based on the song "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" from the musical Cats, was popular enough to inspire the filking craze. The first stanza is displayed on the Sueniverse opening page:

Are there omens when you're born? Can you sing like a lark?

Can you look at Erik? Would you sit on his throne?

Can you say of yourself “I’m not afraid of the dark”?

Are you headed for rape…when you're walking alone?

Shows Taken From Edit

Among the shows that have been used are The Threepenny Opera, Sweeney Todd, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Elisabeth, Sweeney Todd, Cats, Rocky Horror, Rent, Chicago, Les Miz, and of course, Phantom of the Opera.

The Musical Cast Edit

In discussing an ideal cast to act out a musical version of the Sueniverse, a number of performers were suggested for certain parts:

Queen of the Filks Edit

Because of her excessive use of this thread, Mira has been more than once proclaimed the "Queen" of filking. Her favorite shows to use for these purposes are Sweeney Todd and The Threepenny Opera.